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About Us

The Land Smokehouse was first established as a home business in June 2020. after it was accepted by the masses with open arms, the official restaurant opened in January 2021. The Land Smokehouse aims to bring a unique and authentic Texas barbecue experience to its customers, using only USDA-certified beef and slow-smoking it according to Central Texas BBQ standards.

The concept of the restaurant is to build a blend of fine and casual dine-in and takeaway
experience, and provide affordable food for the majority as well as serve food of high quality
with good value.

The Land Smokehouse uses USDA beef slowly smoked for 14 hours as per Texas barbecue’s smoking standards and seasoning. USDA beef is known to be one of the best beefs to use for barbecues, as it is safe, high quality American beef, and approved by the FDA.

The recipes were adopted after completing the research and development of the project which
was conducted in the United States of America for authenticity by visiting and trying different
smokehouses and meeting with chefs across the states, as well as completing multiple trials
before approving the final recipe.

Everything used to put a meal together at The Land Smokehouse is made in-house, including the spices, bread, breading, sauces, and sides.

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